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Meat’ing International was founded fifteen years ago, in the Catalunya (Spain), by Olivier Ducept and Ramón Stockli, all managing trading companies in meat, poultry, fruit and vegetable businesses for decades. Originally named Foodex, the company became Meat'ing Iberica in 2012.

Over the years, a strong team of qualified traders with a broad range of skills joined the group. Meat'ing opened various new offices and companies in France, Spain and UK.


The fast development of the French market imposed on us to recruit new talents and to open locally our company Meat'ing SARL. Since 2010, it is our company holding company which carries now the partnership shares of all our development companies.

Diversification with the creation and the opening in France of "Les Jardins d'Hiver", high-end furniture store specialized in the indoor/outdoor. 

Creation of Meat'ing France which takes care of the business from and for France. Meat'ing SARL becomes an holding company.

The original board has been joined by two new shareholders and talented directors, Kevin Entacott and Jérôme Duret. Together, we opened Meat'ing UK, as new branch located in the Kent (UK).

Foodex joined the group brand name and became Meat'ing Iberica.

Meat'ing U.K. became                        and   

Meat'ing Food Group opened its Seafood division

Meat'ing Food Group acquired a majority ownership in COMALIS, trading office in Lyon, with a dual specialization between pork products supplies and frozen multi-references consolidated containers dedicated to export retail.









légumes surgelés
poisson d'argent


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